ABC News: “One year after the Beirut blast, families of the victims are still seeking justice”

Last year, shortly after the unforgettable August 4th, 2020, the President of Lebanon promised a 4-day-investigation.

In 4-5 days, it will be 365 days since the Beirut tragedy.

There is still no justice.

Yesterday, before going to sleep, Bambi read that the Lebanese Parliament was ready to lift the immunity on politicians, so Judge Bitar (leading the investigation) can interview them (

This morning, she read in the media that a large political party (close to the Hezbollah and, of course, as corrupt or as innocent as all the others) voted against lifting immunity ( Can you imagine, even if this in itself tells us something? The irony, as Journalist Roula Azar-Douglas hinted at in a tweet sharing the article above, is that this political party is called “Le bloc du changement et de la réforme!” (yes, change and reform, in English). Where is the change? Where are the reforms?

For a change, can Lebanon begin holding its political leaders (i.e., former warlords) accountable for this surrealistic criminal negligence?

The 200+ families of the victims are still waiting. We are all waiting with them, including the 6000+ injured people, the 300,000+ homeless ones, the Beirutis, all the Lebanese, the diaspora all over the world, and all the friends of both Lebanon and justice.

Thank you ABC News for this moving short news documentary…

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