No one should be forced to attend “Workplace Diversity and Inclusion”, not even Mr. Bill Evans!

Bambi learned from a friend in town that a Change petition is circulating against Mr. Bill Evans, one of our Town Councillors.

Councillor Evans is not appreciated by many citizens because of so many reasons that Bambi is not interested in getting into. On a more family note, Mr. Evans was instrumental in the whole saga against Bambi’s spouse ostensibly for testifying at the Assessment and Planning Appeal Board.

Yet, Bambi is against using psychological manipulation in the form of those Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity training (i.e. Maoist style of sessions) for anyone.

To do this to an elected official is an insult to the population, even to those who did not vote for him.

Enough of power abuse, even to those who resort to it!

4 thoughts on “No one should be forced to attend “Workplace Diversity and Inclusion”, not even Mr. Bill Evans!”

  1. Town Councilor of Sackville and concerning The Sackville Town Council in general.

    Concerning, The petition by Allyssa Greene her call for action with her inflammatory statements which are dangerous.

    What is happening to Councilor Bill Evans as a result of this petition is indeed is an actual form of real harassment and is happening in real-time. This petition is unnecessary fueling the flames.

    Allyssa Greene and her group of online thugs have gone too far and legal action should be taken immediately against them to ensure the safety of all concerned in this matter. Allyssa Greene and her online thugs are not requesting anything from Councilor Bill Evans nor The Town Council they are intimidating them. With these inflammatory statements on this so-called petition over something, over issues, they have zero jurisdiction over.

    What if Councilor Bill Evans and Sackville Town Council do not comply with their doctrine of imposing “self-criticism” onto an elected official.

    “Self-criticism was necessary in one-party states because it allowed for criticism without questioning the ideology.”

    They have made it quite clear with their online petition manifesto alluding with their inflammatory statements. If they don’t comply with their demands in laymen’s terms “do as I say or else”, or else what? In other words, it is designed to be intimidating and to be an opened-ended threat towards Councilor Bill Evans and Council.

    Petitions like this are indeed designed with malicious conduct in mind. Meaning spiteful, without just cause or excuse.

    Also, the court of public opinion in this case an online petition does not get to define anyone’s individual moral character and guilt or intent.

    Alyssa Greene has no right to appoint herself as an online cyberbully “acting as judge jury and executioner”. As a result Councilor Bill Evans is now “guilty by accusation” and by default seemly The Town of Sackville itself. This is because Alyssa Greene has said so.

    Alyssa Greene and these online thugs have already publicly humiliated Councilor Bill Evans to get people unnecessarily triggered up by what is termed “horse whispering”. Alyssa Greene is setting up the dominoes for inciting intimidation, threats, and yes even violence with her inflammatory statements if they don’t get the outcome they desire.

    What Alyssa Green is doing is what is referred to as “selective outrage” and “false equivalencies”. Councilor Bill Evans “It’s like swapping wives with a bachelor” because you know Councilor Bill Evans is clearly Jack the Ripper. Off to the Gulags and re-education camp for this guy.

    It is a ploy meant to intimidate and threaten people unnecessarily. Alyssa Greene and her gang of online thug’s only goal is to create mayhem at society’s expense, as what they see as a form of entitlement privilege, a sort of birthright they think they are above the rules. Alyssa Greene and her gang of online thugs have a God complex and are highly dogmatic in their views. They and they alone get to decide who is more human amongst us with their litmus tests e.g. the “Mischling Test”.

    If you appease their behaviors then you are just as guilty as they are by fueling the flames, because they just move on to their next victim. Always keep in mind “The Virtue is always, The Cover for The Sin” with these types of individuals. Sometimes they are termed social justice warriors (SJWs) it is a culture that openly advocates for intimidation vandalism and violence.

    This is a game to them. Screwing with individuals’ emotions with nominalism terminology like “immeasurably inappropriate”.

    These tactics have been described as a reverse hand grenade attack meant to stun the victim temporarily so the other party can gain power for their so-called objectives. It is not about the quest for truth and fairness nor justice. It is about the justification for mayhem and destruction of the “Humanities”.

    Never cave nor ever apologize to this type of bullying. This is simply an exercise in self-righteous virtue-signaling.

    Of course Councilor Bill Evans can do as he pleases he does not need to atone for his so-call sins to me. Councilor Bill Evans and Town Councils can choose to handle this situation as they feel fit as individuals, they have “free will” and are Councilors are elected but not actual employees of the Town.

    1. The above situation is not a new thing. It has indeed been going on for a while now and getting worse and has to stop.

      History will not look upon this time fondly. When our post-secondary institutions took the reins over from our religious institutions like the Catholic Church in giving sermons to the masses.

      “The Frankfurt School” sermon that says you must believe in “Critical Theory” a “Theory” to be able to think critically for yourself “Critical Thinking” a little bit Orwellian don’t you think?

      Sincerely, Demian Virgil Hammock

      The Notion of Virtue in the Dialogues of Plato “that moral virtue is not knowledge”​ By Demian Hammock

      Mount Allison University & its Cancel Culture. Azar You’re Next | Dr. Rima Azar | The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast
      By Demian Hammock

      1. Thank you Demian for your very thoughtful insights (your earlier comment and this one). Thank you for supporting our public servants (including Councillor Evans now, earlier Councillor Phinney, and later anyone literally…) and faculty members (Bambi). As a society, it is about time to stop to reflect on what we are doing, why are doing it, and where we are going as a society/province/country… Stop to all this absurdity of thought policing, censorship, and manipulation, regardless of who is asking for it or who is at the receiving end of it. Thank you also for reminding Bambi’s readers of Dr. Peterson’s clever title of that interview: “You are next”… If collectively as a society, we do not publicly say no to this form of “collective insanity” (a term Bambi has often used on this blog for a while now, way before her own saga), we will continue to dive into this collective absurdity/insanity at a frightening speed. Bambi agrees with you, anyone of us can be the target/victim of such campaigns, including those either initiating… or cheering for these campaigns (whether naively or not).

  2. I have no sympathy for Bill Evans, whom I see as a hypocrite. It amuses me to no end to see his politically correct “friends” turning on him. A dream come true! But I won’t sign the petition. Workplace policies aren’t the way to seek redress regarding elected officials. This is wrong and undemocratic – even if Bill Evans is the target, and I can hardly think of anyone I’d rather see on the receiving end. That’s because my principles don’t vary depending on whom is on the receiving end.

    Isn’t this similar to what a Council that included Bill as a member did to Bruce Phinney? What did Bill have to say about that then? It’s easy to conclude that “What comes around…” but in this case it should NOT “go around”. Because wrong is wrong.

    Evans should be voted out of office, and there’s a WHOLE LIST of reasons why. “Self-important bloviating hypocrite” is a nice short summary. Vaguely off-colour remarks are so far down the list that I wouldn’t even mention them, though I would understand if his wife felt differently on this one. I certainly wouldn’t vote for him if I were her, but I’d also have divorced him a long time ago. Which is what we should all do at the next election.

    Remember to go in and vote… ANYONE BUT EVANS!
    But keep the DIE stuff where it belongs. In the garbage.

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