Thank you, Dr. Cory Long, for your service!

Bambi just learned that Dr. Cory Long is closing his medical practice in Sackville, New Brunswick. In addition to his 1310 patients, Dr. Long has served for many years as and emergency room (ER) physician at our small town’s hospital:

Bambi and her spouse had the chance to be treated by and interact with this talented physician at the ER more than once. For example, he saved Bambi’s life once by discovering the source of a severe infection that affected her neck. It was due to a dental abscess. His clever clinical judgment and thorough testing allowed him to reach the good diagnosis. She remains thankful, especially that both his efficacy and care allowed her to keep her travel plans to see her family for the last time in December, 2019 right before the pandemic. Last but but not least, Bambi and her spouse were lucky to benefit from Dr. Long’s competence and humanity in earlier ER encounters related to life and death.

Thank you Dr. Long for your medical talent and compassion! Best wishes in your future milestones! You have taken care of so many of us (a quarter of the population!). Please do take good care too, you and your family.

To conclude this post by honouring your service to Sackvillians, Bambi thought of two songs. The first is by Mr. Michel Sardou and it is called “Médecin de campagne” (“The country’s doctor” in English). Bambi will start with a quick translation of its lyrics. The second song is in French too and it is meant to make you smile :).

“He listens for hours

The beating of his patients’ hearts

He’s a country doctor

This woman so beautiful and so pale

Who says she doesn’t suffer?

What does she not suffer from?

This man who shakes and hesitates

I don’t drink anything anymore you know

He too lies so badly

He too lies so badly

He eats in an old bistro

He breathes for a short time

Then he goes to see Jocelin

In Nonaville he is doing well

His dog is aging and is tired

Nicole lost a lot of weight

He drives on dirt roads

He has seen them all or almost

To be born or to die

Almost all

To be born or to die

Almost all

And when that Tuesday he goes

To deliver Maria’s baby at home

All these days, these nights of running

These difficult and gray hours

Ran away at the first cry

To the tears of this newborn

Those crying, those baby cries

He’s a country doctor

That give meaning to his whole life

He’s a country doctor

The country

He’s a country doctor”.

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