Enough of church burning in Canada!

If Bambi did not miss the latest news, the recent church to burn in Canada is called Saint George. It is in BC and it is Coptic. No place of worship should be vandalized, regardless of the faith. So once again, no to church vandalism, whether Catholic, Protestant, or Orthodox. Enough is enough… and please do not tell us that it is meant to repair atrocities of the past or to bring the much needed justice. Clearly and sadly, this is not serving the latter :(. Instead, this is punishing innocent citizens and destroying beautiful monuments.

Bambi is concerned about the following scenario: Without a (serious) push back by our politicians (i.e., investigations demanded and public condemnations made), impunity will continue. As a result, violence can spread further in our country. Today, this is happening in the West Coast or closer to it. Tomorrow where? And after tomorrow? Will we eventually see church vandalism on our East Coast, may God forbid? We should all be concerned, whether we believe in the latter or not and whether we are Christians or not.

No to violence anywhere and to anyone in life. No to vandalism to any private property, to any historical building/monument, or any place of worship. Of course, this includes churches where people go to find comfort, celebrate happy life events, and to mourn their loved ones.

To conclude this post, four words are enough: Stop this vandalism… NOW!

CTV News (English):


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2 thoughts on “Enough of church burning in Canada!”

  1. I am very happy that you are talking about this issue, where even the most devout Christians, and hardcore conservatives refuse to even say a word.

    Thanks for speaking out about this.

    1. Many thanks, Bloo. How strange and how sad. What are we waiting for? Until someone gets hurt or what? The last church had a daycare in its basement. It clearly has zero link to the tragedy of residential schools. Yet, it was also vandalized. Bambi was happy to read this article by Mr. Rex Murphy: https://nationalpost.com/opinion/rex-murphy-desecration-of-48-churches-is-a-national-tragedy-yet-government-seems-to-care-little-about-christians. Mr. Murphy reminded us that people of Coptic (Orthodox) faith have escaped Egypt to find safety in Canada, not to go through such horror. They do deserve the attention of our politicians. Many other Christians also go to this church, not just them. Many from the Middle East, Bambi learned from this article (including Iraq and Lebanon).

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