Lebanon: A beautiful country politically taken hostage by financially and morally corrupt warlords stuck in a decaying sectarian system

Channel 4, UK (June 22, 2021; English content):

France24 (July 20, 2021; French content):

To conclude this post on an alarming yet beautiful musical note, one song comes to Bambi’s mind. It is by Mr. Ragheb Alama from 2018 (lyrics by Mr. Nizar Francis). It is called “Tar El Balad” [“The country is lost”]. Thank you Mr. Alama for expressing the despair of the people of Lebanon. This famous song starts as follows: “Now is the time, people, to scream out loud. There is no time left, the country is lost. Where is justice? Dreams are being extinguished. Awareness in us has gone to sleep, and the tough situation is only getting more difficult with time.”

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