Isn’t it disturbing that more churches (21!) were burned in Canada in the past days than in the Middle East under Islamist regimes in the past years?

Here are some of the media news covering this story:

The title of this post says it all… Islamism is a form of (religious) highly authoritarian governance. It is disturbing to see Canada beating it when it comes to tolerance of arson of places of worship.

Why are we allowing this to happen and how will this bring justice, healing, and love? How will it repair the past? How will it make the future a better place?

All the media (and intellectual elite) bashing Québec for its Bill 21 on secularism, where are they now to defend our churches? Don’t the latter matter too (like other places of worship)?

Ironically, the arson of churches is once again sadly punishing Indigenous people themselves as well as newer immigrants (who are perhaps the most observant) and older immigrants/Canadian fellows.

And what is the answer of our Prime Minister to a question by a journalist about this? Check the shockingly sad video below… If Mr. Trudeau comes to campaign at her end of the country and meet deer/citizens, Bambi has a “burning” question for him in mind about compensation to the victims of residential schools. If she asks him this question, will his body-guard (our RCMP) manhandle her like they did to Ms. Drea Humphrey?!

Isn’t this treatment of journalists who dare to ask direct questions a form of intellectual/political neo-colonialism? Bambi is Just asking…

To conclude this post, thank you Ms. Humphrey. Hope you are OK and you will be/remain safe while reporting (to us). Keep up your courageous work.

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