Beirut surrealistic port blast: NO to IMPUNITY!

According to Reuters, as cited by Euronews and the Globe and Mail as well as many Lebanese and international media, a “Lebanese minister denies request to quiz security chief over Beirut blast“:

At the end of this post, and as a reminder, you can see the latest post by Bambi on this topic about the “courageous” decisions taken by Judge Bitar.

This explosion was very ODD, to say the least.

What makes it particularly odd is that the Hezbollah usually jumps on every opportunity to blame Israel. This time it did not, if Bambi is not mistaken. How come? Does this silence mean anything or is Bambi reading too much into it?

Could the criminality be just the outcome of years of negligence, due to mere corruption, and no military act triggered the tragedy?

One hypothesis that circulated in the minds of some survivors of the Beirut port blast is that Israel may have perhaps targeted the port to destroy weapons belonging to the Hezbollah, perhaps/likely not knowing that about 2750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate were improperly stored there. Some thought so because they reported hearing what seemed to be Israeli (military) airplanes. Perhaps it was just a coincidence that these airplanes were flying in the sky at that time. After all, they regularly fly over Lebanon. Plus, a correlation does not mean causation in life. Could it be?

Regardless, why was Beirut half-destroyed at 6:09 PM of this doomed August 4, 2020? We come back to the same question that remains unanswered almost a year following this surrealistic blast.

Can someone explain what exactly happened at their port to Beirut residents, and especially to the families of the 206+ victims (adults and toddlers), to the 6000+ injured (MANY lost their eyes, including kids), to the 300,000+ homeless, and to everyone touched by this unacceptable human-made tragedy?

Can anyone tell the truth to Bambi’s parents who miraculously survived their destroyed apartment, to her niece and brother-in-law who got injured, and especially to her childhood friend Maya who is still being treated for her injuries!?

Maya as well as Leila, you were right in being a bit skeptical, despite the hope Judge Bittar offered to the Lebanese people a few days ago. Bambi was skeptical too, deep inside, yet she wanted/still wants to believe that justice can finally prevail in Lebanon… and in the entire world.

Enough of impunity to negligent criminality! Enough of corruption and destruction!

To conclude this post on a musical yet strong note, again here is a song by Rai Singer Cheb Khaled about the surrealistic Beirut port explosion…

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