No, Dr. Pam Palmater, “the so-called cancel culture is not the dog whistle term used by angry white men who benefit from the status quo.…”. Cancel culture is censorship that targets anyone, including men and women “of (so-called) colour”… It is also sadly targeting Canada now

In her latest article published in Canadian Dimension (, Dr. Pam Palmater wrote something like: “so-called cancel culture is the dog whistle term used by angry white men who benefit from the status quo.…”.

However, many Canadians as well as Americans, British French, or Lebanese, being censored (or cancelled), are women as well as men “of colour” (in other terms not “white” to use her own language). Bambi will not name anyone, but two of the recent ones in our country are Dr. Faisal Bhabha and Bambi (

Sometimes, cancel forces try to censor citizens or events across countries even (e.g., as observed once in Lebanon from out of Turkey:

and even with Lebanese citizens/unprofessional singers working in the UAE from out Lebanon):

This being said, you argued that “the calls to cancel Canada Day celebrations this year have nothing to do with so-called “cancel culture”On the contrary, #CancelCanadaDay is what real reconciliation looks like”.

It is a point of view, but Bambi cannot help not to wonder how cancelling Canada Day would bring people together for reconciliation, love, and unity… to move forward together?

Plus, Bambi comes from a country (Lebanon) already destroyed… She does not want her country (Canada!) to self-destroy.

Is moving forward together in a constructive way your aspiration? If so, the cancellation will sadly only serve to bring people further apart. It is a logical consequence, if this trend will not stop one day.

This was wisely argued by the “Chief of the Tk’emlups te Secwepemc (TteS)” (, even if this was not cited in other media articles.

You ended your article with the following conclusion, “cancelling Canada Day has the potential to shine a much-needed spotlight on our collective truth and surround us all with the warmth that comes from community support, as we move towards justice and reparations for Indigenous peoples.”

With all due respect for your passionate advocacy, Bambi has trouble understanding how cancelling Canada Day will serve to “surround anyone in need” of human “support” (national and even international) “with the warmth that comes from community support”.

Usually in life, people and nations come together in times of grief. Why the call for further divisions then? And then what? What is next?

If this July 1st is a time of reflection, as our Prime Minister (Mr. Trudeau) said, why not reflect together? Why not pray together? Why not embrace one another’s grief… to truly “move towards justice and reparations for Indigenous peoples.”

Mind you, last year, the call to cancel Canada Day was in the context of the BLM demonstrations movement in the USA and around the world (  In 2017, it was about Indigenous issues ( Today, it is about the tragic yet not surprising discoveries of the remains of hundreds of children in two residential schools (sadly, more will be discovered in the weeks/months to come with more searches ☹).

Next year, it will be about what?

Usually, when we discover remains, inasmuch as this is SAD, the journey of grief can finally start for survivors and families, thankfully. Of course, what makes these discoveries particularly devastating is the context of the horrible cultural genocide that still has long-term concrete consequences. Yes, many individuals, families, and communities will need extra love, support, and counselling. However, the discoveries of graves or remains are surely a step further in the healing process, despite the DEEP sorrow :(.

So, why not allow us all to come together to mourn and to envision a more beautiful and fairer Canada? Why are we allowing ourselves to be divided further?

To continue on the same topic Dear Dr. Palmater, when you tweeted the following by a historian in Manitoba, Bambi was very sad and disturbed. She will explain why further below.

She of course understands his sorrow for having witnessed massacres during civil war (i.e. friends seeing their parents and siblings shot in front of their eyes… and her volunteering in her teen years to support older survivors of a couple of massacres who became internal refugees in her Beirut neighborhood).

However, the danger of such a message, underlying this image, is to dichotomize society and to foster more guilt in people’s hearts. No, sorry Dr. Carleton, loving/celebrating Canada is NOT a choice of celebrating genocide. It is celebrating love and life rather. It is also simply celebrating a summer day off or maybe the start of vacation with family or friends.

So, what is the purpose of this guilt? Can we turn it into something more constructive? And what about people of Indigenous heritage who may perhaps wish to feel Canadian on Canada Day, today or in the future. Is this allowed in our increasingly authoritarian times?

As for Dr. Palmater, you do not know it, but Bambi is a listener! She listens to you online on a regular basis. She particularly enjoyed one of your shows in which you hosted our Chiefs from NB. She learned about their talents and sense of humour. You were also fun too and what an excellent host. Bambi has the highest respect for your advocacy for your fellow citizens.

This being said, she disagrees with your almost annual calls to cancel Canada Day. For her, and with all due respect, there seems to be a contradiction here between your calls and the source of funding of your research work (in addition to your distinguished affiliation at other institutions, which are funded by the Government of Canada). Indeed, one can argue that if Canada is pushed to the point of not being loved/celebrated anymore, eventually there would be no more Canada left to support your talent. Why deprive us/your trainees from the latter ( ;,_Toronto;

To conclude this post, have you ever considered resigning from positions/affiliations funded by Canada (i.e., its taxpayers), to score a strong political, and perhaps congruent, point? Alternatively, have you considered running in federal politics, a bit like the Bloc Québécois, to advance your views? Bambi is curious…

Thank you.

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  1. Pam Palmater is a metis woman… I remember seeing her post a photo on her Twitter she was standing with two other elder women wearing a shirt that said “Make America Native Again” and hides nothing when it comes to her intentions .. fine with me… I have no problem with people advocating for their ‘race’. But if a woman is mixed race such as Pam isn’t she also in denial about her European roots and genetics? Like many natives in Canada who are mixed race she prefers to advocate ONLY as a ‘native’. I am concerned about this divide and conquer effort in Canada but see it as a distraction from what actually matters in this nation of people.. I think unity matters a lot.. I made a video on the campus of Mount Allison University on Canada Day for you and me and anyone else who has been muzzled and shushed and marginalized for being peaceful and real in a town full of ‘order followers’… peace and love [Bambi]… Speak Freely Every Day Happy Canada Day …

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read/comment and for sharing this video (nice to see the beautiful Mount Allison University campus— so close and yet so far). Thank you also for your supportive and kind words.

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