Bambi loves Canada every day, not just on Canada Day…

As Bambi posted last year, and as one of her friends from Québec and the talented Dr. Mathieu Bock-Côté reminded her (, our beautiful national anthem “was initially composed for the French-Canadians” (= today’s Québeckers), before gradually being “taken” by the Canadian state “in its process of building a symbolic identity” .

Dr. Bock-Côté is right, one must not forget the truth about a powerful symbol like our O Canada.

Of course, this wisdom also applies to the dark part of our history about the fate of Indigenous children in residential schools… and the agony resulting from this tragic cultural genocide ☹.

Nevertheless, it is by embracing our entire past, with both its tragedies and beauties (while committing to truth, increased peace, healing, and hopefully finally TRUE justice!) that we will write together the next chapter of our country’s great book.

Yes together, we can do it with maturity, peace, and love.

Not with fire, not with blood… and without destroying any historic statue or burning any churches.

Yes, we can… PLEASE let’s do so!

Until then, with or without municipal celebrations, Happy Canada Day to all/Bonne fête du Canada à tous!

One thought on “Bambi loves Canada every day, not just on Canada Day…”

  1. I’m sure it warms the cockles of Mathieu Bock-Côté’s separatist heart to know the English version of Basile Routhier’s composition was also written in Quebec, at McGill University, just like the first draft of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Happy Canada Day!

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