A Professor of Law sadly extends his hate of Québec to the late Prince Philip whilst a former lawyer rightfully points to hate in Québec

Even if she does not agree with his insults about Québec, Bambi defended Dr. Amir Attaran’s free expression in earlier posts (see further below). She even likes some of his comments, even if she is disturbed by many others.

Indeed, today, Professor Attaran went a step further in his notorious insults by tweeting about his happiness to see another human dead. Can you imagine? How could he? The late Prince Philip could have been his own dad, his grand-father, or simply another brother in humanity…

Of course, Professor Attaran is free to think whatever he wants about the Royal family or the British Empire or whatever else in life. He is also free to be woke. This is not the issue. The sad story here is his lack of respect of human life. Plus, even if he wanted to score a point, even so-called racists deserve respect at their death.

Regardless of any political or ideological opinion, Bambi refuses to understand mean statements or gestures in life, especially by those who consider themselves highly-educated… Even during a 15-year-long civil war, her heart was not filled with hate.

Mind you, in addition to the above tweets, Dr. Attaran made recent insulting comments about and to Québec Minister Benoit Charette (calling him “white supremacist“, if only he knew that his own wife is of Haitian origins and their kids have a dark skin… ). It is both sad and absurd to see the low level of intellectual “exchange” by the elites of our country.

To come back to the late Prince Philip, Bambi took the time to send her heart to our Queen who “lost the love of her life” (as shown at the very bottom of this post). She has never met the Queen in life… just thought of her in a human way.

Related to this loss, Dr. Attaran’s mean words about Prince Philip are a sharp contrast to Bambi’s own words about another man, called Mr. Nasrallah, during a recent chat with her spouse. They were discussing politics of the Middle East. For Bambi’s readers who do not know this man, she often chats with him on her blog (replying to his public speeches). It is actually one of her pleasures in life ?.

Seriously, Mr. Nasrallah is the Head of the Hezbollah (considered a terrorist organization by Canada). He dragged her birth country into unwanted wars so many times. His organization may even have a responsibility in the Beirut explosion that almost killed her parents, brother-in-law, niece, and childhood friends. The surrealistic Beirut explosion abruptly ended the lives of MANY of her parents’ neighbours whilst destroying a large part of their city.

Despite all the above, Bambi still had words of human compassion toward Mr. Nasrallah when she was mentioning that he lost his son during one of the past wars with Israel. In her mind, no one deserves to lose a child, including this (nasty or criminal) man. So, yes, she has human compassion toward his own suffering, as a father. Plus, she would never wish death to anyone, including the heartless, corrupt, and/or criminal Lebanese politicians (former warlords). Not even to Lebanon’s foreign enemies who have occupied Beirut or who try hard to control it by proxy (note that Bambi’s aunt was killed during one of these invasions…).   

Thus, it is Bambi’s wish that Dr. Attaran would one day learn to put aside his hate in order to open his heart to reach out to his fellow human beings, including those he regularly insults, calling them racists or white supremacists.

OK, that was the story of Dr. Attaran.

Now who is the other (former) lawyer? You may be curious. Well, his name is Mr. Ezra Levant. He is an independent Canadian journalist who created the Rebel News. One or two weeks ago, he showed a video on his Twitter account about how the Montreal police asked one of his journalists “if he was a Jew?” Bambi was skeptical at first, thinking perhaps this apparently racist name calling was because the officers thought he may have been a guest of the Hassidic Jewish community attending a service for Passover (during a lockdown). Maybe he needed to show some papers, etc. Well, now, she clearly understood that she was wrong as this story was likely due to racism. It actually repeated itself today, by some Montreal police officers. The latter may be enjoying abuse of power during the successive Covid-19 lockdowns of their city. It seems that they have perhaps enjoyed bullying the Rebel News journalists. You can see this for yourself in the video below…

To conclude this post, what is refreshing or inspiring about this video is to see an employer defending his employees. Not too many employers have the same courage as Mr. Levant… especially in our collectively insane (or sadly increasingly fascist) times. For this, Bambi will say: bravo Mr. Levant!

3 thoughts on “A Professor of Law sadly extends his hate of Québec to the late Prince Philip whilst a former lawyer rightfully points to hate in Québec”

  1. Dear Bambi

    When I read up your text about Ezra Levant, and saw the video where He screams in front of cops like a teenage boy in need for its « fifteen minutes of fame », I was surprised that you talked of him like he was a serious journalist. This man seams to be nothing more than a parodic english canadian seeking for a « racist incident » in Montreal to confirm its prejudice against Quebec. The wisdom you displayed in your earlier writings did not prepared me for seeing you fall into such a gross jerk trap.

    Then, this morning, I saw this colomn in LaPresse+, written by Isabelle Hachey, called « Mise en scène au Vieux-Port ». I suggest you to read it to understand what I mean. Here is the link: https://www.lapresse.ca/actualites/2021-04-13/mise-en-scene-au-vieux-port.php

    Have a good day

    Frédéric Gagné

    1. Dear Mr. Gagné or Frédéric:
      Many thanks for reaching out to Bambi and for sharing your comment and the link. Bambi is happy to post it. Like you, Bambi STRONGLY condemns violence, as you can imagine. So, you and her are both on the same page, especially about the uniquely charming Montreal. Now, after sharing the video, she was curious and went to watch another video by Mr. Levant. She was happy to hear him saying: “I still love Montréal” and even joked by writing “Viva Québec Libre” (or something like that). As for the other journalist, without knowing him, Bambi really doubts that he endorses violence. He may be to the right and this is his right. This does not mean endorsement of vandalism. Bambi is very suspicious of demonstrations for having had a history of seeing many in another life. Sometimes, there are thugs who destroy to harm. Sometimes, there are infiltrators (des casseurs, she wants to say). Some people may be tired of the pandemic. Some may be denouncing what seems like successive or excessive lockdowns. Of course, some may also be anti-order or anti-Québec, or simply criminals! So, again, Bambi agrees with you. Have a good day too and welcome to you on Bambi’s Afkar.

  2. Bambi received this thoughtful anonymous comment below, as a reply to Dr. Attaran:
    “I think this person has chosen the wrong country to live in.
    This Mr. Attaran who treats every now and then somebody by Racist and White supremacist isn’t he a clear Racist with much hate in his heart?
    I can’t answer and really don’t care.
    But what shocks me is the lack of respect towards a person named Prince Philip Mountbatten Duke of Edinburg grand son of the king of Greece and husband of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II,
    But most of all these titles a honorable and decent man, qualities very rare between influential and VIP people in the world.
    Instead of talking of hate and race, it would be so graceful to have a word of compassion for the death of a human being although he is white and British And a Prince and a Duke, and a decent man.
    I lived in Canada and find that to live in this beautiful and decent country is a privilege and an honour, I don’t know if all Canadians realise that this is one of the best countries in the world”.

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