For the financial crisis, there is a slim hope of bailout, ideally WITH reforms. For a pandemic, there is the hope of a vaccine… But for risk of wars, where can Lebanon find hope?

Bambi would like to begin by sharing a tweet of her favourite journalist in Lebanon, Ms. Roula Douglas:

Here is a quick translation:

“It is surrealistic what is happening. When we think we have more or less *adjusted* to a new reality in Lebanon, another one, even worse than the precedent sets in”.

Below is the worrisome news out of Lebanon today:

Who is lying here?

Israel or the Hizbullah?

Once again, which comes first, the chicken or the egg?

This DANGEROUS incident between Israel and Hizbullah is part of a historic vicious cycle of violence and death culture?

Why does history keep repeating itself in the doomed Middle East?

Could it be because conflicts are never truly solved?

Could it be because wars may be more convenient for those who decide of the fate of populations on both, or rather all, sides of a border?

Enough is enough… NO to violence.

No to stupidity… especially in a pandemic.

Stop playing with the fire, for God’s sake!

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