Mr. Justin Trudeau’s “open letter to Canadians” on November 4, 2015

A picture taken from the Government of Canada‘s website

You can read the full statement of our PM here, if you wish:

Bambi would like to attract your attention to the following words at the end of his statement:

I am committed to leading an open, honest government that is accountable to Canadians, lives up to the highest ethical standards, brings our country together, and applies the utmost care and prudence in the handling of public funds“.

Mmm… That was less than five years ago only.

Of note, that was before our PM’s three consecutive ethical deviations (i.e., the Aga Khan vacation, the SNC-Lavalin story, and the current WE Charity saga). The third scandal is definitely the largest… It is like the sponsorship scandal (, although larger. For a description, see Bambi’s earlier post further below.

Mr. Trudeau, if she may, Bambi would like to ask you the following:

1. What happened to your beautiful promise above?

1a. Did you just “forget” about it (for the third time :))?


1b. Are you just good in talking the talk. So who cares about walking the walk?

Mr. Trudeau, can you try to remember your beautiful promise when you go to sleep the night before Thursday, that is when you will testify before the House committee?

Your own beautiful words (assuming they were written by yourself) may help inspire you to have the right mindset to answer all the questions (contrary to the WE Charity bosses today).

We, as tax payers, deserve to hear the truth, Mr. Trudeau.

Thank you for the efforts.

One thought on “Mr. Justin Trudeau’s “open letter to Canadians” on November 4, 2015”

  1. There’s a thing that irritates me more than corruption: hypocrisy.

    This guy wins the prize. He’d fit in well on Sackville Town Council.

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