Black Lives Matter are to so-called “black” New Brunswickers (and to all of us, by extension) what Islamists are to Muslims (and to all of us)

No matter the source of external or internal funding, no matter any guilt feeling we may have for the sins of earlier generations (in Canada or elsewhere), no matter the apparent beauty of the cause… the whole BLM movement is not as innocent as you may want to think.

Thus, Dearest New Brunswick along with all its esteemed politicians, PLEASE be mindful of the following:

Bambi urges you not to fall into the trap of caving in to BLM‘s demands, as they will keep asking for more and more (e.g., see what happened in other cities in Canada). Indeed, this movement seems to function like any other radical group, including Islamism (Bambi did not say the Muslim religion, mind you, and she knows what she is talking about here). Groups like BLM usually intimidate to get what they want. They infiltrate existing entities/organizations, and… brains! They do not stop. They just push and push. Even if at times they may deceive you by hiding their real agenda, they do not hesitate to use means that you and Bambi would never resort to.

This is why, please do not let Black Lives Matter (BLM) do to NB what Islamists have done to Bambi’s birth country and to its neighbourhood… or what they do to us in the Western’s world, including Canada. Here is a story from last week:

Bambi feels sad for all the well-meaning people (i.e., especially young people) who will fall into this potentially dangerous ideological trap.

Once again, who is funding this movement and why don’t they leave our beautiful NB alone?

We are far from being perfect FOR SURE. Like any other place, there is room for much improvement… but one thing is clear in Bambi’s mind: We do not deserve such toxic radicalism.

Sadly, we just learned that the University of New Brunswick (UNB) in Fredericton has partnered with BLM Federicton (with funding from we do not know where):

If you do not believe Bambi, please take a look at what BLM Frederecton recently added to their Facebook page (this was not there in the earlier post reported further below). Please look specifically at how BLM Fredericton is putting pressure on our government, provincial and municipal (see the message in red). Is this a good method, even if their demand was 100 percent logical?–NGO-/Black-Lives-Matter-FrederictonNB-100550358369958/

As you can see, they are well organized. They have a template of a letter to harass each of our MLAs to push their (freaky) agenda forward, including their # 1 call (for now) to defend our police services:

Is this what we want for our NB? Is this what we want for our Canada?

If we do not wake up now, we can eventually easily destroy our beautiful young country.

Reasonable countries need their police and army to protect their citizens. This is the least in any country of the world, not just in Canada and in NB. This being said, of course, we must keep improving our police services whilst always saying NO to power abuse by the police!

Bambi will stop here, concluding with her earlier post on this topic:

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