What is the Black Lives Matter’s agenda for our NB schools?

Not a long time ago, it was the global movement of climate change that was all over our schools.

Now, it is the global movement of Black Lives Matter (BLM) that wants that access.

Why is BLM pushing to get into school curriculums?

The first two words we read in an image on the BLM-NB Facebook page is “Dismantle hate”:


So, NB is that full of hate? Bambi did not notice it yet after 12 years in this province?.

We also read the following:

“It is during this time that we must rise up with our fellow humans. Black people around the world are suffering due to systemic racism, and being quiet is no longer an option.

We must stand with each other! We are all human, and we can not stand by as our parents, siblings, and children are brutally tortured and killed because of the colour of their skin! It is either all of us, or none of us! Their voices must be heard.

Please gather at the provincial legislature this Wednesday, June 3rd, in solidarity.

We are working in collaboration with BLM Protest and #BlackLivesMatterMarch.”

Who is funding this organization? What is its hidden agenda for our province?

We know the agenda for other cities across Canada:


For Toronto:


For Montreal:


For Vancouver:

Mind you, one of the stated ultimate demands in Vancouver is the following: “The City of Vancouver must commit to improving social conditions across the city with a commitment to the goal of eventually abolishing police and prisons, as they serve the primary purpose of oppressing marginalized communities and protecting the riches of the wealthy minority of denizens.”

Does the above make any sense, even if we all want a world full of love, peace, and justice?

To conclude this post, it is Bambi’s hope that the Government of New Brunswick will do its homework about the BLM’s agenda for NB in depth. It is also Bambi’s hope that they would ideally share what they will learn with us, the population before our schools (or unions of teachers in our schools) decide to endorse this movement, imposing it on our children… and thus, on our society.

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