Mr. Frank Sinatra: how about a little tribute to his eternal talent?

Bambi has been busy lately with deadlines and work events. However, she does not want to go to bed without saying hello to you, dear readers of this blog.

In reaching out now, she thought of writing about a couple of stories she is following in the media. Perhaps in the near future when she will be more fully awake : )? For now, she will just share a few songs either by, or inspired by, the late yet great Mr. Frank Sinatra. Some in English and some in different other languages. Why, you may be perhaps wondering. Well, in about an hour, in the Canadian Maritime provinces, it will be May 14. The latter date corresponds to the 26th anniversary of Mr. Sinatra’s death (

Thankfully, great songs (i.e., lyrics, music) outlive great singers. Of course, the same logic would apply to acting, even if this post only focuses on Sinatra’s musical legacy.

Despite the above, you may not be into Mr. Sinatra’s style of music. If so, this is your golden opportunity to ignore this post, hoping you will stay tuned for future ones on different topics. May Mr. Sinatra’s memory be eternal and long live music.

2 thoughts on “Mr. Frank Sinatra: how about a little tribute to his eternal talent?”

    1. Ohh, may his memory be eternal. Thank you Jacinthe for sharing. If she may, Bambi will dedicate this song to your dear father-in-law in heaven.

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