Mothers’ Day is coming!

Of course, we do not need an official set day to celebrate our beloved mothers or to wish mothers of our circle, or strangers, all the best and/or to enjoy being part of a village that is raising a child, as per the famous saying. This means that every day we can honour our mothers, maternal figures, mothers-in-law (coucou Bernadette!), in more discrete ways.

This being said, over 70 countries, including Canada, celebrate motherhood on the second Sunday of May ( If you are reading this post from any one them and you are a mother yourself, or maybe even a grandmother, Happy Mother’s Day to you! Bambi also sends her heartfelt wishes to your own mom or the significant maternal figures of your lives!

If your mom travelled to heaven, like Robine, Bambi’ mother, did, may her memory be eternal. Same for your grandmother or your beloved maternal figures. May we know how to pay tribute to them, not just this weekend but anytime we wish to.

If, tragically, you happen to be a mom with an aching soul, grieving your late child or fearful for his/her safety, may peace of mind find its way into your heart.

Lat but not least, for those of you who do not care about mothers, for any reason, or who find the day to be too commercial, Bambi wishes you a good one minus the festivities.

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