Thank you forever… and good-bye Mr. Rex Murphy

Heaven received Mr. Rex Murphy while Canada lost one its GREAT journalists.

Bambi feels a deep sense of loss mixed with LOTS of continuous gratitude.

Indeed, when her censorship saga took place in 2021 because of her blog, three public figures made an incredible difference in the process and, most likely the outcome, of this case. In chronological order, Bambi will first name Mr. Jonathan Kay, another highly talented journalist; . Second, the now late yet eternal Mr. Murphy ( Last but not least, the unique and highly talented Dr. Jordan Peterson ( The first two authors shifted the unkind narrative, in both the media and social media, by telling Bambi’s life story as an immigrant and speaking to her values as a Canadian and human being. As for Dr. Peterson, he extended a hand of humanity to her, making her story public. The latter interview contributed to her successful fundraiser and likely supported her legal battle. How can she not be grateful then?

To come back to Mr. Rex Murphy, Bambi had the chance to search for his contact after reading his article. She expressed her deep gratitude by email. What a compassionate man, in addition to his high intellectual calibre. Today, it means a lot for her to thank him in public.

Bambi’s story could have been your own, as a reader. By writing about it, regardless of who Bambi is, Mr. Murphy defended the principle of academic freedom and freedom of expression in our beautiful country. He rejected intimidation to all, again as a principle, regardless of the expressed opinion. Thanks to Mr. Murphy for his devotion to Canada as well as to freedom of thought and of expression.

Indeed, we live in a troubled world where any historical, political, or social problem is treated in a shallow or authoritarian manner… or a mix of both. We dismiss the nuances and the complexities. We prefer to be selective with both the source and content of the information we read about or interact with. We cannot stand different opinions and we refuse to challenges our evolving thoughts. We only read journalists we agree with and make fun of those we disagree with. We even call them names instead of exchanging/debating ideas with them. We sometimes try to make them get fired or rejoice for their misery. Many find themselves resorting to self-censorship to follow the latest trend or out of fear of being cancelled.

Mr. Murphy was the target of unkind behaviours such as those described above. Yet he remained principled and thorough. He always expressed his opinions with conviction, evidence, depth, clarity, and a wonderful English. He assumed his opinions, even when it did not please radicals. For this, he has Bambi’s utmost respect.

To conclude this tribute, Bambi will end with music as usual. She will also send her heartfelt condolences to Mr. Rex Murphy’s family, friends, colleagues, readers, and many fans domestically and/or abroad. May his intellectual, and political, legacy be remembered. May his soul rest in peace and may his memory be eternal.

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  1. “Thanks to Mr. Murphy for his devotion to Canada as well as to freedom of thought and of expression.” I could not agree more, he will be deeply missed. Thanks for your story and tribute to him.

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