Ms. Shaden Fakih: Isn’t it sad when censorship targets a stand-up comedian, depriving her fans of opportunities of laughter, in the name of Islam?

Bambi heard about Ms. Shaden Fakih for the first time today. An article in This is Beirut ( attracted her attention to her ordeal. This is how she discovered a hilarious artist :). Bravo to her for being a productive stand-up comedian (competing in an industry traditionally reserved to men!).

According to This is Beirut (, “Dar Al-Fatwa Complaint Against Comedian Shaden Fakih for Offending Islam“. For those of you who do not know it, Dar El Fatwa is the highest Sunni Muslim authority in the Republic of Lebanon. Bambi remembers this institution from when she was a child and a teenager growing up in her birth country. She has the utmost respect for it. However, today, she finds herself shocked, disappointed, and upset because it is is attempting to kill not just the right of Ms. Fakih to artistic freedom, but also humour in the country at large, along with freedom.

According to This is Beirut (, “The reason behind this legal action pertains to a video clip that was widely shared on social media Wednesday, in which Shaden Fakih jested about Islamic and Christian prayer rituals. This clip, which was taken from a performance by the comedian at awk.word, sparked public outrage in Tripoli. A sit-in was staged at al-Nour Square, during which she was asked to face the consequences of her actions“.

Of note, Lebanese people have been through MANY adversities in recent years, including an ongoing war in some parts of the country. The least for them now would be to be able to still laugh at themselves, even in jokes related to religion (regardless of the latter!).

To conclude this post, Bambi stands in full solidarity with Ms. Fakih whether she jokes about religion, politics, sex, or any topic. In her mind, there must be no limit imposed on freedom of expression, especially artistic one, except defamation and threats of violence.

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