Have you ever made a wish and it instantly became reality?

A few days ago, Bambi and her spouse saw a deer with a white tail in their backyard. They stopped all their respective activities to admire its peaceful beauty. The guest was eating some grass and stayed for a long time before disappearing in the tiny forest behind the house.

Well, this evening, Bambi told herself (out loud on top of that): “I have a dream. I wish history can repeat itself and the deer will be outside when I will look through the window“. As soon as she finished her expressed wish and looked outside, she immediately saw the same guest (now a reliable friend)! He was having dinner outside while she just finished having hers inside. Cool, isn’t it?

She spent a long time looking at her friend, sadly behind the glass door. Unfortunately, she does not have a good picture to share with you. Who knows? Maybe during his next visit :)?

Anyhow, happy weekend to all of you, hoping that your little as well as bigger dreams will all come true. Until then, please keep dreaming like Bambi. Life can be rewarding in mysterious as well as predictable ways.

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