Assuming you are older than 20: Where were you in your life at that age?

This morning when she was driving back to town, Bambi listened to Mr. Aznavour’s song “Hier encore” [Yesterday when I was 20]. It was performed by Mr. Mario Pelchat. While singing with him, of course with her frog’s voice, she made a mental effort to remember where she was in her personal development and attitude toward life at 20. Back then, she was living in Montreal (Québec) where she has many wonderful memories.

The above car ride trip made Bambi envision this post in which she invites you to take a few moments to think about your own life, like she enjoyed doing herself. Regardless of your chronological age or heart’s condition, to what extent do you feel “young” in your heart? What about your youth: to what extent did you enjoy your twenties? What was the most rewarding moment of your life then? Finally, in your opinion and regardless of acquired wisdom, to what extent does your personality now resemble what it was like at 20? If you wish, please share a comment. Alternatively, you may wish to communicate more privately. Bambi would love to hear from you, regardless of the platform.

This being said, she will share with you Hier encore, as performed by the late and eternal Charles Aznavour (subtitled in English). Following this song, you can find Mr. Pelchat’s beautiful version. The latter will be followed by a superb performance of this same song by a singer Bambi just discovered while preparing this post. She happens to be from Lebanon and her name is Ms. Amanda el Hachem.

Bearing the above in mind, Bambi was intrigued by Ms. Hachem’s voice. She searched her biography online and found the latter: “Amanda El Hachem was a six-year-old girl when she first revealed a singing talent and learned to play piano and to practice solfeggio. With her masters degree in Musicology, got the chance to visit Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Italy singing religious airs and reviving old oriental melodies. Since 2007, she paved her way to TV shows as singer in “Ghanili Shwey” screened on Dubai and then to talent shows (2015, 2017) as vocal coach in “Celebrity Duets” ( Of note, Ms. El Hachem seems to have a music school called “‘École des talents Amanda El Hachem” and on its website, we can read the following beautiful words: “Inside every person is an artist that is yet to be discovered” (

Long live music, talent, and our continuous development throughout life!

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