The Orthodox Christian Easter is around the corner: Bambi wishes her dad an uplifting holy week

The Eastern or Orthodox Christian Church follows the Julian calendar, which is the solar calendar introduced by Mr. Julius Caesar. As well explained by l’Orient Today, this year “there is a five-week difference” between the Catholic/Protestant and the Orthodox Easter. For the former, “Jesus Christ rose on March 31; for Orthodox, He will on May 5. This five-week gap between the two Easters had yet to happen since 2016” (

Bearing the above in mind, although Bambi already celebrated Easter with the majority of her fellow citizens in Atlantic Canada, she will pause now before going to sleep to highlight the “Holy Thursday” to honour her dad et al. (along with her mom in heaven). Of course, on Sunday, her father can expect a post, with joyful Easter wishes, not only meant for him but also to her blog readers who happen to be Christian Orthodox as well.

If you are interested in Byzantine music in the Arabic language (mixed with Greek in the last one), below you can find a few prayers. The latter have been moving Bambi’s heart for over five decades. It is only natural since they remind her of her childhood (in addition to being the essence of her faith). The first musical piece is directed by her own first cousin once removed, Ms. Zeina Farah. The second short prayer is performed by Zeina herself, thanks to her divine voice. The third song-prayer, by Fairuz, is meant for today. As for the last one featuring the lamentations, it is supposed to be reserved for tomorrow. However, Bambi will cheat by making the Holy Thursday extend to the Good Friday :).

To conclude this spiritually musical post, much love to Bambi’s dad. May he have a rewarding and blessed holy week!

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