Food for thought: sharing two articles, by Ms. Yasmin Abdel Fadel and Dr. Mathieu Bock-Côté on university encampments

Bambi read the following two articles in French in the Journal de Montréal ( ; She will translate them for you, thanks to the assistance of her faithful friend, Mr. Google Translate. Food for thought, whether we agree or not, at least for those of us who still want to use our critical thinking.

“McGill anti-Semites harm Palestinian cause” (by Ms. Yasmin Abdel Fadel)

North American university campuses are the scene of major pro-Palestinian demonstrations. Encampments are springing up all over North America. McGill University, which cannot be described as a university of extremists or leftists, is no exception. Students, accompanied by certain disruptors, decided to take up residence there for an indefinite period in order to denounce the massacre in Gaza.

The cause they defend is obviously legitimate. Gaza is destroyed, its inhabitants are massacred by tens of thousands and its children, those who are not yet dead, are starving. All this is certainly true, but cannot justify the unjustifiable.


And when we talk about unjustifiable, we are talking about the hateful, anti-Semitic message, calling for violence. Just as we cannot justify the massacre in Gaza with the massacre of October 7, we cannot use the distress of Gazans to justify hateful speech here, in Québec and throughout the country.

What is the point of disturbing Montreal Jewish students, intimidating them and creating a climate of hatred if it is really against this same hatred that we are demonstrating? Students and other committed protesters who want to denounce the war should start by setting an example. Yes, they can demonstrate and even disturb, since it is a question of exercising freedom of expression, but this comes with responsibilities, in particular that of maintaining the peace, of excluding the disruptors and those who ultimately harm the cause by their insults, threats and attacks.

Collective awakening

There is currently a collective awakening taking place, an awakening regarding the abandonment of humanity towards a people who suffer in indifference. The most powerful in this world seek to look the other way and move on. Those who use this crisis to unleash their anti-Semitism and violence are greatly contributing to burying the voices of those calling for peace. They only have to analyze the context: while we talk about violence on campus, we barely address the violence currently raging in Gaza and which are causing real victims”.

Anti-Western far left occupies universities (by Dr. Mathieu Bock-Côté)

It would be wrong to take lightly the campus occupation movement which is currently taking shape in the United States, France and Canada, and which is brandishing the flag of the Palestinian cause.

The good bourgeois, who never understand anything, even go so far as to believe that this is just being youths [the latter can also be translated as: boys will be boys OR youth will have its flings], and that a decade would be incomplete without a campus occupation movement.


Rather, we are witnessing an assault that testifies to the growth of Islamo-leftism in the Western world.


Because let’s make no mistake: the Palestinian cause here is just a pretext. Likewise, the denunciation, very legitimate, of the excesses of Benyamin Netanyahu, has a screening function.

Should we remind that Hamas, which confiscated the Palestinian cause, does not advocate for the two-state solution, which remains the political-historical solution to resolve this conflict. Instead, it wants to throw the Jews into the sea, killing the most possible of them by then, and annihilate Israel?

Should we really remember that the distinction between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism, behind which several demonstrators hide, is a nonsense?

Who, seriously, can consider that the call to destroy the Jewish state is just one opinion among others?

Let us then ask the question: how can we explain the popularity of this cause?

We will first see it as a symptom of the intellectual and mental collapse of Western universities, where the dominant discourse, in many matters, comes from the most radical left, fiercely anti-Western.

The new generation is being fed this discourse which mixes the rejection of the West and nations, the demonization of the white man, the desire to destroy the sexes, the hatred of Israel, the delusional celebration of mass immigration, and complacency for Islamism, considered the new political vehicle for the wretched of the earth.

This strange cocktail, media newspeak, by the inversion which characterizes it, calls it “openness to others” and “celebration of diversity”.

And it is this Islamo-leftist discourse which clouds the judgment of the elites and destroys the immune system of the West.

Furthermore, a conquering Islamism is progressing, making its law in an ever-increasing number of neighborhoods in the West and imposing its morals in the name of “human rights”, which it diverts to its advantage, especially as the changes demographics which prevail everywhere are favorable to it.


We cannot underestimate the underground role of the antifa movement in its ability to seize all crises. It practices uninhibited violence, with the enigmatic complacency of the authorities – as if they were afraid of these everyday militias, or as if they silently approved of them. The far left exerts real terror on a significant part of our societies, but the media prefer to warn us against a phantom far right – in addition to calling any form of resistance to this madness extreme right.

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