If we are like books, as per Mr. Émile Zola, four best ones are celebrating their birthdays today!

Are you familiar with Mr. Émile Zola’s work? He is a French novelist, journalist, playwright who was born on April 2nd, 1840 (https://shorturl.at/nDER1).

Mr. Zola is famous for the following translated statement: “We are like books. Most people only see our cover, the minority read only the introduction, many people believe the critics. Few will know our content.”

If we are truly like books, Bambi is blessed because she knows the PRECIOUS content of four books all born on April 2nd, just like Mr. Zola. To the latter, she can add a fifth book, born on April 1st. Yes, it is Soha, her childhood friend in heaven. May her memory be eternal.

To come back to the four wonderful books of the day, are you curious about them? Well, two of them are males and two are females. Two are cousins and two are like brothers; one she met at age 13 in Lebanon and the other in her twenties in Canada. Yes, she will name: Laila in Germany, Carla in Beirut, Selim in Montreal, and Fred in Ottawa :). Happy Birthday to all of them!

Bambi adores these books :). May they shine and keep inspiring their loved ones and people touched by their humanity and multi-talent. May all the chapters of their respective books all be filled with peace of mind, health, love, successes, and prosperity. Thanks to all of them for being faithful readers of this blog, despite their busy lives. Bambi wishes each one of them a wonderful day (or night :)!

4 thoughts on “If we are like books, as per Mr. Émile Zola, four best ones are celebrating their birthdays today!”

  1. That’s a nice thought and thanks for the Birthday wishes, Bambi. I’d still to read “Germinal” someday.

    1. Bambi can assure you that you will enjoy Zola’s Germinal, which she read for the first time as an assignment in her high school in Beirut. This being said, she is happy you enjoyed your surprise and may you be happy, not just today, but every day. You deserve ALL the best Fred :)!

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