Easter is here!

For her relatives, friends, and readers who happen to spiritually celebrate Easter, Bambi will happily shout in Arabic: “El Massih Kam”! The later means “Christ is risen”. Those who are familiar with this Arabic Easter greeting will reply Hakan kam, which means Truly risen!

To those of you who either celebrate Easter culturally or just respectfully, even if it does not mean anything to you personally, Bambi wishes you Happy Easter times!

This being said, now is the time to let music have the final word. The first song below is a brief joyful Byzantine prayer in Arabic, mixed with some Greek, by Ms. Christiane Najjar. If she may, Bambi will offer this piece to Adlette from Montreal for having kindly thought of Bambi’s mom in heaven and for having expressed the following deep thought: May Easter finally bring the resurrection of Lebanon. Well-said, thank you. The second melody is an Easter kids’ song in English. It is meant to remind us of the importance of having fun and of not taking ourselves too seriously :). Last but not least, the third masterpiece of Mr. Johann Sebastian Bach happens to be the favourite Good Friday/Easter musical pieces of Gabi from Halifax. Bambi would like to thank her dear friend for having kindly shared this performance with her yesterday. He made her day and she remains grateful. What a treat to the ears and to the soul!

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