Mr. Donald Morrison: “Ce n’est qu’un revoir, cher ami” [Farewell, my friend]!

May Donald’s memory be eternal…
“Bambi t’aime tant, cher Donald. Merci pour tout”!

This post is extremely tough to write as Bambi is still under the shock of the HUGE loss of her friend and former colleague Donald ( Indeed, tears are now running down her cheeks. She does now know from where to start to try to pay tribute to him and to find comforting words for Anne, Philippe, Mathieu, Andrea, Natalie, Luna, Noah, Edith, and all his beloved friends, especially Daniel. Bambi is also thinking of you Jacinthe. Same for you Louis. She is also thinking of all his former colleagues. She cannot name them all here, but they are crossing her mind now. She wished she had a magical stick for everyone, and especially for you Anne to remove your unbearable pain.

Yes, everyone loves Donald (and Anne), not only in Montreal, Québec but also in New Brunswick and abroad, including but not limited to Lebanon. This is not surprising at all given that Donald was not like any man. He was a gentleman. A true universal man with a big heart and a very broad mind. A wonderful spouse, dad, grand-father, friend, colleague, and fellow citizen.

Donald was a highly educated man who was a much talented developmental psychologist or psychoeducator [“psychoéducateur” in French. A clinical profession that exists only in Québec]. He loved people and especially youth. When Bambi met her colleague Donald, about 27-28 years ago, he was a big data specialist IT researcher responsible for large datasets stored at their research centre. She remains grateful for the organization of her SPSS dataset that she used for her PhD research.

Of note, about a week ago, Bambi had to search this dataset and provide some basic data, related to one of the publications on conduct disorder and cortisol levels to a colleague in the Netherlands for a meta-analysis (in progress). She could not help not to be impressed, again and again, with the quality of the organization of the dataset. She found herself smiling to funny memories with Donald. She recalled when they sat together for long hours to check the file for the first time. Because she had a lot of interesting variables, at one point, she thanked him by teasing him with Mr. Daniel Boucher’s famous French-Canadian song, of course changing its lyrics from “Ma gang de malades” [My Gang of Insanes] to “Ma gang de variables” [My gang of variables] :).

At work and beyond (pre- and post-retirement), everyone respected and loved Donald. He also has a way of making everyone feel respected and appreciated. When Bambi had her censorship saga because of her blog, she received incredible public support from across the country (and abroad), especially from Québec. Of course, Donald supported her. This warmed her heart beyond words, even if it was not surprising to her because Donald had an open-mind and was a free spirit: he respected the freedom of expression and academic freedom of everyone, including herself.

In addition to this, Donald embraced life. He was a bon vivant who enjoyed great food and wine. He loved to travel around the world with his beloved Anne. They even travelled domestically and they visited Bambi and her spouse in both Toronto (Ontario) and Sackville (NB).

A picture of Donald taken in France by Anne.
May God know how to comfort her aching heart and may Donald’s memory be eternal.

Bambi will always remember Donald’s accurate description of “Sweet Little Sackville”, which reminded him of New England: “timeless and spaceless“, to use his own words :). Louis and Bambi had unforgettable times with you Donald and Anne in the three provinces we lived in, including “our” beloved Québec. Indeed, they will both always cherish ALL the incredible memories with you everywhere, and especially in Montreal. Many of them are related to summer parties in your lovely garden. You even kindly honoured Bambi by inviting her parents to a delicious dinner at your place once when they visited her. What an evening filled with laughter and lovely moments!

Other souvenirs are related to Bambi’s PhD Defence and the following party organized by her dear friend Carla. If Bambi recalls well, you may have even attended the sweet good-bye farewell party her sister Roula (+ Doudou) organized for her, when they returned to Canada for a year, at the time she was about to move to Toronto for her post-doctoral position.

To conclude this tribute, Bambi will say the following: Even if death is part of life and we are eventually all heading to the same place, it is sometimes very hard to imagine people filled with life dead. Donald (or Mr. Morrison) is SURELY one of them. Indeed, we was life itself with its beauty, richness, sweetness, intensity, and sadly shortness. Thankfully, love transcends death.

Yes, love is eternal. Donald, we will forever honour your memory. Count on Bambi et al. As for your dear Anne, please forgive any clumsy word in this tribute. It is hard to know what to write in the tragic circumstances. Bambi just wanted to express her full solidarity with you and your entire family. She thanks you for the INSPIRING love that unites you with Donald. Our troubled world needs more and more pure love like yours. It is her hope to be able to eventually join you all at Donald’s memorial. She will do her utmost. However, whether with you physically or not to celebrate Donald’s life and legacy, she will be joining her heart to yours. Please trust that Donald (and you) will be in her prayers…

2 thoughts on “Mr. Donald Morrison: “Ce n’est qu’un revoir, cher ami” [Farewell, my friend]!”

  1. Cet hommage est si juste. Donald était un homme unique. Merci pour ce texte qui rappelle de beaux souvenirs. ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Bien dit: “Donald était un homme unique”. Bambi te remercie Jacinthe pour ton commentaire. Elle est de tout coeur avec toi. Porte-toi bien chère amie.

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