Soon it will be Brittany’s birthday!

Bambi is cheating, she knows. Brittany’s birthday will be upon waking up tomorrow, but she is too excited to go to sleep before highlighting this wonderful day.

Brittany is a DEAR friend of Bambi and Louis as well as of this blog. She has even been a contributor of stunning pictures, which have enriched several posts over the past years.

Brittany is brilliant, resilient, and a lot of fun to be with. She is an inspiring mom. She is a beautiful lady, both outside and inside.

She is more than a friend. She is actually like a sister and all Bambi’s family loves her dearly, not just her and Louis.

That was a brief, and surely insufficient, description of Brittany and her multi-talent in life. This being said, may she have a Happy Birthday filled with love and laughter. May her new year be a beautiful one!

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