Mr. André Gide and Mr. Charles Trénet: thanks for their respective inspiring and uplifting legacy

Mr. Andre Gide was a French author “who was awarded the 1947 Nobel Prize in Literature” ( As for Mr. Charles Trénet, he was “a renowned French singer-songwriter who composed both the music and the lyrics to nearly 1,000 songs over a career that lasted more than 60 years” ( Besides being France-born (in 1869 and 1913 respectively) and being remarkably talented, both men died on a February 19th, the former in 1951 and the latter in 2001. Thanks to their respective rich legacy and may each of their memories be eternal.

Related to the above, Bambi grew up studying Gide in her high school in Beirut,Lebanon. In addition, she is lucky because her mom was a passionate reader. Indeed, Gide’s books are part of her beautiful late mom’s collection of books, which spans a wide range of styles and topics.

To conclude this tribute post, Bambi will begin by sharing inspiring quotes of Mr. Gide, which have been translated into English in the YouTube video shown below (food for thought). This will be followed by four of Trénet’s famous songs. She hopes you will enjoy the latter as much as she did while preparing this post.

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