“Edelweiss”: bravo Mr. Amine Hachem (tenor) and Mr. Brian Holman (pianist) for your remarkable yet soothing performance!

For several reasons, including personal ones, Bambi’s favourite movie remains Sound of Music since her childhood. Indeed, she is not a TV watcher [except when she visits her family in Beirut :)]. However, for Sound of Music, she can make exceptions in life.

As a result of the above, she re-watched this classical movie, over and over, more times than her old chronological age (51!). She did so on all platforms, in different countries or provinces she lived in, on airplanes, on Youtube, and of course mainly on TV. Unfortunately, she did not have the chance to watch the opera yet. One day, hopefully. Until then, she is happy to sing almost all the songs by heart. Yes, even frogs, with awful voices, can memorize lyrics to badly sing famous movie songs. Thankfully, on airplanes, most of the nearby passengers are usually sleeping. So no risk for any auditory trauma to their ears or embarrassing moments of public disturbance :).

Bearing her passion for this movie in mind, if you are a regular reader of this blog you likely also know how much Bambi thinks highly of Mr. Amine Hachem who sings elegantly and genuinely in several languages. Thus, what a musical treat for her to come across Hachem’s amazing performance of Edelweiss tonight.

In case you do not know it, Edelweiss refers to a white flower, which could be found in the Alps. Of note, this lovely song was “created for the 1959 Broadway production of The Sound of Music, as a song for the character Captain Georg von Trapp” (http://tinyurl.com/27rf99jf).

If you wish, below you can listen to the performance of the gifted tenor, Mr. Amine Hachem, along with talented pianist, Mr. Brian Holman. Following this brief Youtube video, for her own selfish pleasure, Bambi will share two YouTube videos from Sound of Music!

Long live family, romantic love, both personal freedom and values, and OF COURSE… MUSIC!

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