Dr. Gad Saad: “Losing weight as a form of white supremacy and colonialism”?

Yesterday, a reader kindly emailed Bambi a National Post article, by Ms. Jamie Sarkonak, in which she informed us that a federally-funded educational document (even if schools are a provincial responsibility in Canada) states that: “Gender binary is a colonial and white supremacist structure rather than a natural and indisputable truth”. As noted by Ms. Sarkonak, the sources of evidence used in this document are the federally-funded CBC articles and a couple of blog posts (https://shorturl.at/txKT5).

Today, Bambi came across the latest “SAAD TruthYouTube video of the funny yet clever Dr. Gad Saad from Concordia University (Montreal, Canada). The title of his brief video is “Losing weight as a form of white supremacy and colonialism?“. Please take a moment to listen and to smile, laugh, and/or cry over the scientific quality of some of the academic publications of our collectively insane times. Thank you Dr. Saad for sharing the article’s abstract. With all due respect to everyone, including the author in question, sometimes one can only smile to such level of absurd nonsense still called science.

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