“October 7 Restaurant”: How can humanity go that low and how would such a business name bring justice to the innocent people of Gaza?

How sad it is to open a restaurant in Jordan with a name, that cheers for the massacre, rape, and kidnapping of innocent people, even if those happen to come from the more domineering country (http://tinyurl.com/45xb6zax)? Bambi is saying so and this more domineering country is in a state of war with her own birth country (i.e. specifically with its largest militia that decides on peace and war instead of its official “inexistent” government). Bambi is also saying so and this domineering country has occupied her birth country in the past for almost two decades. Everyone knows that this poked bear can be TOO cruel, especially when it is under what looks like an orchestrated attack.

Despite all the above, Bambi refuses to cheer for the suffering of its innocent people. Indeed, what a bad taste, to say the least, to name a restaurant “October 7” and to know that many customers seem to be already lining up to visit it, as per several media like l’Orient Le Jour, the National Post, and Haaretz (http://tinyurl.com/45xb6zax). You only have to google this story and you will find even a video on YouTube about it.

For Bambi, this is a sad day for humanity at large while being an insult not just to the innocent people of Israel (some died, some were injured, raped, their dead bodies disrespected, or are still kidnapped, including seniors and a baby who turned one year old lately), but also and especially to the over the 20,000+ innocent victims of Gaza and those of the neighborhood, including Lebanon. Think of it, the name of this restaurant is serving to glorify a massacre, which triggered a tragic, and absurd, ongoing war that massacred even much more innocent people on the other side of the endless Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It also resulted in fear, displacement, injuries or mortality on the Israeli side too. Plus, this war is also at a regional scale, financed by foreign entities, which risks going out of control anytime, including today. It is killing innocent civilians, journalists, and militia-affiliated Lebanese men. What for? Is it worth it?

For all the reasons mentioned above, Bambi condemns the bad (and cruel) taste underlying the choice of the name of this new business. To conclude this brief post, will men, especially those of the Middle East, ever learn to live for love, despite their anger over injustice or grief, like in Lévesque’s song? Why doesn’t love and compassion for the innocent people of all sides (who are trapped in the middle of wars) come more naturally to some? And if it does not yet, how can they learn to express their legitimate anger or frustrations in a more human and dignified way instead of contributing to fuel more hate?

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  1. When something like that happens, I visit websites that have restaurant reviews and if I find the place in question, I write “The hummus is not bad, but not as good as the Israeli hummus” or “…it’s better in Israel” or a variation. Works in Toronto as well 🙂

    1. So you are the author of those rumours Fred then : ). Everyone knows it is the Lebanese hummus that is the original and the best. Ok that was a narcisstic joke even if it has a large part of truth in it. OK, seriously now, Bambi enjoys the diversity of versions of the Mediterranean cuisine. For instance, she recommends that you taste each version of the mix of thyme on your pita bread. Enjoy the variance. Some are maybe more spicy. Others have or lack this or that ingredient, etc. This being said, Bambi was teasing you. Sad to read about this story in the media. Humour helps even and maybe especially in dramatic circumstances. Thank you for your comment and your courage in expressing it.

        1. Wow! Fred you have A GREAT taste! This is what Bambi asked to eat when she was in Beirut a few weeks ago. It is to die for :).

    2. Wait a second Both of you. HUMMUS is ONLY lebanese 😂😂😂
      Fredo have you tried the LEBANESE kafta Arabia with the LEBANESE Hummus. ???
      If not you are missing out a lot on the Original Lebanese things 😝😝😝😝
      Sahtein. 💕🙏🏻

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