Do you enjoy Christmas carols like Bambi?

Christmas carols remind us of our childhood. They transport us back in time.

For those of us who may be Christian and perhaps with faith in the heart, this season is happy by essence because it is all about the birth of a baby not like anyone else.

Some of us may be grieving. Others may be going through adverse times for different reasons. Yet, there is and will always be magic, peace, and comfort in Christmas melodies. At least this is Bambi’s opinion today on the first day of the month of December. This is why her post will share a few songs she has enjoyed lately.

May music comfort, motivate, and entertain you all. May peace fill your hearts, whether you are into such songs or not. May we all say yes to love and learn to say no to violence… against all. This is Bambi’s prayer to the entire planet, especially hot places of our world.

3 thoughts on “Do you enjoy Christmas carols like Bambi?”

    1. Bambi thanks you Leila. Her dream is to one day post your own BEAUTIFUL singing of Christmas prayer pieces :). It would be such a treat to her readers and to her own ears!

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