“How beautiful life is”: bravo, Mr. Marc Hervieux, for honouring the late and unique Mr. Jean Ferrat!

Bambi adores the French singer, Mr. Jean Ferrat. She even has an older post about his music, shown further below. Today, she shares with you a superb performance of his song “C’est beau la vie” by Mr. Marc Hervieux from Québec, Canada. May your life be filled with purpose, love, gratitude, peace… and/or whatever else you value.

Que c’est beau la vie (by Jean Ferrat… English follows).

“A bird making a wheel with its tail

On an already russet tree

And its song above all

How beautiful, how beautiful life is!

All what shakes and pulsates,

All what struggles and fights,

All what I believed in too fast

Forever lost for me

Still being able to watch

And to listen

And above all to sing…

How beautiful, how beautiful life is!”

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