The Silver Swan, Bambi’s latest musical discovery, along with a tribute to Mr. Jean Ferrat

Bambi does not want the weekend to end without sharing her latest musical discovery with you. It is called “The Silver Swan“.

According to its YouTube page, The Silver Swan is a group of creative and highly dynamic musicians, singer, and technicians all based in a beautiful region of France, the Drôme-Ardèche. This professional group offers musical performances to social events. It is enriched by a wide range of musical influences, both French and international (soul, rock, folk, funk, jazz, and instrumental music).

Because the Ardèche was the beautiful place of residence of the late and uniquely talented Singer Jean Ferrat (originally “Jean Tenenbaum”, for many decades, Bambi will use this post to honour his legacy with his unforgettable and moving songs, most subtitled in English. May his memory be eternal.

The above being said, Bambi hopes you all had a beautiful Sunday. May the week ahead be enriching for each one of you!

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