Robine Fiani Azar: Happy birthday in heaven, Mom

Bambi sends her love to you “Mama”, across the skies. She does the same to her courageous dad as well as sisters et al., across the miles. There is not a single day that goes by where your presence is not strongly felt within her heart and mind. Please mom, be well wherever you are and watch over your family as well as your birth country, just like angels would do. We all miss you, not just on your birthday.

A picture taken by Bambi flying over Canada and the Atlantic Ocean on August 23rd to attend her nephew’s wedding in Athens (hello Michael & Stéphanie ❤️) … This same day turned out to be the last one of her mom’s life on earth. Her stoic and loving dad kept the news to himself for three days to allow the wedding to proceed…
A picture taken by Bambi on August 23, 2023 on her way to Europe.

There is something ironic with dates sometimes. Robine’s framed picture above was taken at the wedding of Bambi’s childhood friend with her dear spouse (Bambi was not present there, but her family in Beirut attended it and celebrated their love with them). It is on the birthday of her best friend that both Robine and her mother-in-law left our world to be in heaven. May their souls keep resting in peace and may their respective memory be eternal. Much love to Bambi’s friends (et al.) and may our connection in love as well as faith transcend death.

Love is greater than death. In the time that links the sky and earth, the most beautiful mystery is hidden. Think of it when you close your eyes to sleep: Love is greater than death” (Françoise Hardy). Bookmarks of Robine Fiani Azar as distributed to family and friends at her 40th-day-memorial in Beirut. Thanks to Bambi’ s sisters: Roula for this superb idea, and for thinking of sending a few bookmarks to Bambi. and Rania as well as Stéphanie for mailing them to her.

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  1. Beautiful touching words!!! Habiby [Bamboum]!!! I know for a fact that they are in a better world!!! Until we see them again 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🥹🥰

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