Kids United: “L’oiseau et l’enfant” [“The Bird and The Child” with English sub-titles]

There are some days where we do not feel like thinking or even writing about anything. We surely do not feel like reading the news about the world, namely its doomed Middle East, which is currently filled with blood, tears, and fear. So, how about singing hymns for peace instead?

The Bird and the Child is a hymn to peace, which Bambi, adores. She was 5-year-old when this beautiful song was written by Mr. Joe Gracy. Its lovely music was composed by Mr. Jean-Paul Cara. The song made France win the Eurovision Song Contest in London, UK, thanks to the great performance of Ms. Marie Myriam (aged only 19 back then;

The French lyrics describe a young girl who lives in a country of war and misery. Despite this, just the sight of a bird made her dream that the latter and herself could change the world and make it more peaceful ( Yes, she dares to imagine living in a country of love. From the point of view of the bird, the world is filled with beauty, not just human cruelty. Later, this hymn for peace became the musical symbol of the Children’s Rights League (

It is Bambi’s hope that the children of the entire world, including ALL those of the Middle East, will live in safety, dignity, peace, prosperity, and especially LOVE. They deserve a safe and loving world đź’š. Their parents as well đź’š.

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