Mr. Jay Lemay and Raymond Lévesque: “When will men live for love”?

Just four-five days before the revived tragedy of the Middle East, Bambi posted this song on her blog, as shown at the bottom of this post. It was as if her dream was a premonitory dream, or a prelude, to the current nightmare of the Middle East since a barbaric human tragedy of October 7 against innocent people, sadly but not surprisingly followed by cruel human tragedies of yet more innocent people in more places. As usual, civilians are always caught in the middle when it comes to armed conflicts. Some would say that armed conflicts, or wars, will always happen in our world. It is part of human nature. Maybe, but why can’t love also be part of our human nature?

Why can’t we learn lessons from the past to build a safer and more loving future? Today, more than ever, the late and great Mr. Raymond Lévesque’s song is timely. Is anyone of those who decide (or think they decide) of rounds of violence or wars listening? Enough of suffering of innocent people in the world in all ongoing conflicts, and at all sides, including the Middle East’s current fiasco, which could or could not spread more (this regardless of any belief of anyone about anything, including historic, current, or future unfairness).

Thank you Mr. Jay Lemay for reminding us of the need for living for love. Please keep singing. You have a beautiful voice and today your/Mr. Lévesque’s message to the world (with English subtitles) is what it is badly lacking: LOVE. Yes, love, peace, respect for our shared humanity; instead of extremism or hate, and a vision for a better world for ALL children… and their children.

2 thoughts on “Mr. Jay Lemay and Raymond Lévesque: “When will men live for love”?”

  1. I like the song by Raymond Lévesque which was on a compilation CD I won from Loto-Quebec and which comforted me during my time in New York City when I felt homesick.

    1. Oh, Fred. How lovely. Bambi thanks you for sharing. What a song filled with love and peace. You take good care. Enjoy the weekend.

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