Do our dreams have any meaning?

Sometimes we have the strangest dreams (or nightmares, depending on the perspective) ever. This is what happened to Bambi early this morning. No clue why. Is it because she toured the online news about the Middle East before going to sleep? This could perhaps explain her bizarre dream.

However, it remains odd to dream about Mr. Nasrallah, the head of the Hezbollah…. in her Canada. How weird indeed. It seems that he came to visit the conference room she was in and she just could not believe her eyes. When she woke up, she smiled happily because she was in bed in “Sweet Little Sackville”, and it was just a dream. Lebanon is not in Canada after all… “Phew”, even if she is saying so with all due respect to everyone.

The funny story above made Bambi wonder about the following: what happens if Canada starts, or sadly continues, to remind her of Lebanon during its sad days of lack of unity and isolating fear among its people? Bambi is not talking about civil war, thank Goodness. She is talking about what we are sadly observing in today’s society of Canadians not tolerating each other’s views and even existence anymore (whether political, ideological, social, intellectual, etc.).

We rush into judging others. We sometimes even put them and seal them into boxes, which we dismiss without shame while forgetting about any shared humanity. We do not listen to them anymore, challenge our thoughts (and let them be challenged by ours). In sum, we stop wanting to learn from each other. Luckily not everyone is into this mindset, but we can still wonder: and then what? What will be the outcome of all this divisiveness? Why are we doing this to ourselves and allowing it to happen to us? What about love? Does it still matter? By love, Bambi means love for all. And when she denounces violence on her blog. It is against all. May love, and diplomacy as needed, always have the final word in Lebanon, Canada, and… around the world.

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