To what extent do we choose to have a great day?

Elevator, Delta Hotel, Charlottetown, PEI. A picture taken by Bambi.

In the beautiful province of Prince Edward Island, in one of the elevators of its downtown lovely and practical places, you can find some wisdom on internal doors. You have to wait until the doors are closed (or almost) to fully read “Today is a great day… to have a great day“.

To what extent can we choose to have a great day, even when things seem to be dark in the world, and especially in areas of current and ongoing conflicts, including but not limited to the sad Middle East now?

To what extent can we have a great day when we know that hate is increasing worldwide toward innocent people just because we see them as part of this or not that tribe (depending on the one we identify the most with).

We dehumanize those with whom we do not agree with. We even accept, endorse, and glorify violence when it is against them. It is as if some human brains cannot accept that violence is a red flag for all. And love is a passport for a more dignified and peaceful life for all.

In some extreme cases, we literally call others traitors, when we do not agree with their perspective. We may censor them in one way or in another. We cannot stand either their nuances/moderation. In some other cases, we do not tolerate their different (and maybe more radical) opinion. Bambi is saying all this, regardless of the opinion and on the cancelling forces. This is secondary. To her, what matters is the concept of freedom of expression for all, love for all, safety for all.

Bambi may be wrong, but in her humble non-expert citizen opinion, things do not have to go the extreme, if each one of us decides to have a great day by putting love at its centre. Because we respect and love oneself, we want to enjoy the moments of our day. Because we respect and love (yes, love) others, we want them to be happy too. It can be with simple gesture of a smile or of an extended hand, as needed. It can be in a mindset of human compassion and forgiveness, not of hate and more hate.

Love gives hope in life. Hope generates more potential for love and life. May only hope have the final world in our world. May each one of you, reading this post, have a GREAT day, regardless of where you are and regardless of your own definition of greatness. May everyone be safe.

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