Happy birthday to Joëlle… and to Mr. Julien Clerc!

Bambi still has about two hours before the end of October 4. Of course, she sent her personalized birthday wishes to her childhood friend as soon as she opened her eyes this morning. Now is the time for a musical post for her before going to sleep. Yes, Happy Birthday Jojo!

Since your share this special day with singer Julien’s Clerc who was born before you, precisely in 1947 (https://shorturl.at/fivGI), Bambi offers you a few of his songs. This may perhaps also remind you of our childhood and teen years in Beirut. Following these songs, Bambi will offer you the “Mabrouk” melody (with a double-meaning this year ❤️ :)!). Last but not least, two songs related to October 4: the first one is about school since this has traditionally been the first day of school when we were classmates in “Le Petit Jardin” and later on. OK, apologies to your late mom (“tante Madame Nicole”, our French teacher) because she may perhaps not approve this choice :). As for the second song, it is about friendship.

Bambi cannot wait to see you very soon after many decades. YAY :)… thanks to Dave!!

5 thoughts on “Happy birthday to Joëlle… and to Mr. Julien Clerc!”

  1. I have no Words to express my gratitude and love.
    Tante Madame Nicole will approve your choice since it was one of her favorite songs. Honestly who had that crazy idea to invent school LOLOL.
    Wowww what great childhood memories we shared.
    Love you and Can’t wait to see you

    1. Ohhh!! Bambi is so happy the song was one of your mom’s favourite ones! Too funny the lyrics AND your comment :). Bambi loves you big time. She thanks you for having been her friend since age 3, precisely on October 4, 1975 (the year civil war began by the way). As you know, she can still recall how she talked to you then and even those moments where we became classmates and friends. You were friendly and lovely then… and still is now 🙂 :). Even more with the years :). See you sooooon!!!

    2. Walla chou! You’re planning to have fun the two of you without me?!!! Love you my 2 best childhood friends ❤❤ Happy Birthday Jojo & congrats once again!

      1. Ha!ha!Ha! Hala, yalla come over 💚 too, Bambi is saying now! OK long travels a little bit :). Much love to you.

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