Ahead of Sunday October 1: Praying for Robine Fiani Azar while honouring Mr. Charles Aznavour’s memory at his 5-year death anniversary

This coming Sunday, October 1st, it will be the 40-day-anniversary of death of Bambi’s mom, her/our dear Robine Fiani Azar. It is a spiritual tradition to pray for late loved ones at this postmortem milestone, so to speak. The religious service will be held in Beirut as you can see below:

The text above can translated as follows: “Love is stronger than death…”. In memory of the 40th day of the death of the much regretted Robine Fiani Azar, a requiem mass will be celebrated in the Saint-George Greek-Orthodox Church. The family of the deceased asks relatives and friends to join in their prayers.

Just like maternal love, legendary music and voices, transcend death. Imagine when a great singing voice rocked both your youth/life and the youth/life of your mother, inspiring both (and MANY of us around the world) in so many ways. How could talent die? How could it be forgotten?

Thanks to all the singers, young and older, who are keeping Aznavour’s songs alive through their own beautiful voices. They make people around the world, including Lebanon, happier. They allow them to recall shared memories and to heal too when grieving.

As for you, Mr. Charles Aznavour, thank you for having existed (https://shorturl.at/dzD57) and for having been an integral part of our lives. Your songs, in all their versions (original French, English, German, Spanish, etc.), are uplifting.

To conclude this post on a more personal note, Bambi will join her prayers to those prayers in Beirut for her mom. On Sunday at 6:30 AM Atlantic time, she will light a candle for her mom. She will be emotionally and spiritually connected with her in heaven, with her dear dad and sisters on earth, along with all the beloved caring family and friends. Thanks and blessings to everyone. Mom, may your memory be eternal… Mr. Aznavour, you too 💜 💜.

7 thoughts on “Ahead of Sunday October 1: Praying for Robine Fiani Azar while honouring Mr. Charles Aznavour’s memory at his 5-year death anniversary”

    1. Fred, Bambi is speechless now. It is indeed VERY soothing. Trust she will listen to it again and again. Many thanks for sharing!

  1. Allah yerham Robine ,habibi Bamby Ramroum 😍
    God bless you and all the family ❤️🙏❤️🙏😘🙏❤️

    1. Ohhhhh, thank you Roula ❤️! Yes, may her memory be eternal. God bless you/all the family too. Bambi loves you and misses you a lot.

  2. Sorry for your loss Bambi. We paid a visit to Tony and Roula with Joujou for condolences. But now we had left Beirut to France and really sorry we could not be with the family for Robine 40 days Mass. May she Rest in eternal Peace. 🙏🙏🙏

    1. Oh Leila and Anis (+ Joujou)❤️❤️❤️. Bambi loves you a lot and thanks you for your supportive visit to her dad/sister; your prayer is in your hearts, even when not at her 40-day-Mass. Yes, may OUR/Bambi’s dearest Robine eternally rest in peace, as you wrote. Safe travels to you. Enjoy your trip and then come back home safely.

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