Mr. Tino Rossi: what if he were alive today?

Bambi was 11 years when Mr. Tino Rossi died on September 26, 1983 ( She does not know if you know him or like him. Since she does, she will honour him in this brief musical post. Born in Ajaccio (Corsica), Mr. Rossi had an incredible voice. Indeed, his opera-suited voice facilitated his devotion to a career as a tenor in the French cabaret style. He also became an actor, appearing in over 25 movies. Of note, Mr. Rossi recorded over 2000 songs ( What a highly impressive legacy. Thank you, Mr. Tino Rossi. May your memory be eternal.

What a lovely tribute to Tino Rossi!

Does this song need any introduction?
Yes, this is Bambi’s favourite song since her childhood. It is all about the magic of Christmas.
This song is about the beauty of all ages. It is entitled “life starts at age 60”. Does it mean
that Bambi is still unborn :)?
This song is dedicated to Bambi’s maternal aunt “Ramona” who was killed in 1978 during the Lebanese civil war. She was 40 years old. At her mom’s funeral at the end of August, Bambi heard a story about her last moments of life. Bless her best friend’s heart…
The Beatles’s famous Yesterday song in the beautiful French language.
Beautiful love stories make our hearts melt in all languages…

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