Hello beautiful fall!

There is beauty in all four seasons, but for Bambi the fall is surely the most charming period of the year. She will always love it, regardless of her heart’s inner season of grief.

A picture taken today by Bambi at the lovely Trueman Blueberry Farms in New Brunswick, Canada

As readers, some of you may be sadly tending to your own grief, after losing a loved one to death. Who knows? Maybe you have just ended a meaningful relationship? Or, more joyfully, you may be expecting or have welcomed a cute newborn. You could also be simply celebrating continuous love. Indeed, Happy Wedding Anniversary sweetest Khello and Zeina (or Zeinzoun!)! The “Mabrouk” [Congrats] song below is for you then 💚!

In addition to the Lebanese-Arabic Congrats song, there is nothing like the voice of the late, yet eternally charming, Mr. Joe Dassin to remind us of the beauty of the fall. His song is a musical treat not just in French, but also in its English and German versions.

To conclude this brief post, if where you are, in terms of the season of your life, is not the most comfortable place, please keep in mind the following: this season shall pass. Yes, brighter days are ahead, even when they may be colder!

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