Celebrating flowers and friends

A flower a day keeps sadness away

Bambi has promising news to share before heading to sleep: she finally managed to get over Mr. Charles Aznavour’s Emmenez-moi song, which was stuck in her head all of yesterday. She felt sorry for anyone who could have heard her froggy humming, especially Louis [thanks for his patience :)].

What song is on her mind today then? Smart as you are, you may take a guess from the title of this post that respective hints would be both flowers and friends.

Indeed, in less than 24 hours, Bambi received four beautiful cards of condolences from beloved friends across miles and oceans. Their kind gesture moved her heart, which also melted at the sight of virtual flowers from a good friend and reader, Fred Klein. The latter kindly accepted her request to share his beautiful pictures. Long live friendship. Long live flowers. Long live our loved ones in heaven ( hi mama 💚!) and all those whom we are blessed to have in our lives…

Pictures shared by Fred.

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