Like Mr. Charles Aznavour: do you sometimes dream of “the end of the earth” or “the land of wonders”?

In general, Bambi enjoys being tuned into the present moment. Yet, there are times where, most likely like you too, she feels like being instantly “taken to the land of wonders” . Can someone just take her, drop her, and forget her there? Are these impossible wishes what made her hum Mr. Charles Aznavour’s song upon waking up and throughout the day? Indeed, she kept singing this melody, even in awkward public places like washrooms. She is about to go to sleep and yet this beautiful French song, subtitled in English, is still on her mind. It is her hope that tomorrow morning she will wake up with another song :).

To conclude this brief musical post, Bambi would like to hear from you if you feel like sharing: do you also sometimes have specific songs stuck in your head, so to speak? And, if so, what are some examples? Do you hear yourself humming these melodies in public?

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