“Coq Lala”: a highly recommended Lebanese-style chicken, which can be found in both Montreal and Beirut!

This post is dedicated to Michael from Toronto. He knows why :). Of note, another “Michael”, a dear friend of Bambi and her spouse is now a resident of Montreal in the Canadian province of Québec. Their joint advice for him was to order a delivery of a Coq Lala flat grilled chicken, pre-soacked in lemon. Mmm (https://shorturl.at/jsCX8)!

Bambi is aware that this post sounds like an advertisement. Yet, she is NOT paid by the Lala Restaurant, neither of Canada, nor of Lebanon :). Indeed, when she believes in an idea, like its amazing chicken, she cannot help not to sell it to you on her Afkar‘s blog.

To introduce you to the original Farouj (or Chicken) Lala, she will now share a screenshot, which comes from an older post published from out of Beirut on December 19, 2019:

If you are curious about this restaurant’s history and art of preparing chicken, here is an English sub-titled video, which was found by Louis (thank you!), entitled “Lala Chicken. A secret Recipe to Success“. In addition to feeling hungry, Bambi was moved to watch it, as she recalled her childhood. She felt homesick, all of a sudden, for both Montreal and Beirut. Actually, this old business of the LaLa family is a monument of Saint-Louis Street just a few meters away from her dad’s store, Azar Electric, another monument, which was once featured in an older post (please see below, if you are interested).

In conclusion, bon appétit or “Sahtein” with a silly yet funny chicken song, hoping it will make you smile. Who knows? Maybe you happen to be vegan. Maybe chicken is not for you. As far as Bambi is concerned, she will end with the following thought: it would be amazing if a branch of this restaurant comes to New Brunswick one day (for those of you/us who live in the Maritimes or for our future guests). What are your thoughts?

2 thoughts on ““Coq Lala”: a highly recommended Lebanese-style chicken, which can be found in both Montreal and Beirut!”

  1. I found myself busting a move in the kitchen listening to the chicken song. It is a “scratchy tune” makes me laugh out loud,🐔❤️

    1. Ha!Ha!Ha! Bambi is smiling now, imagining this scene :). May your day and weekend be a dance of relaxation and fun moments, dear Sue ❤️🌷😊!

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