In pictures: Beirut today

Pictures from (left) & from the Ministry of Tourism of Lebanon (right)
What a lovely walk of Bambi and one of her sisters (Rania) on “Mar Mikhael” (= Saint Michael) Street in Beirut
This is one of the sides of a famous street in Beirut called “Saint Nicolas Street” (or “L’escalier de l’art”)
A view of Saint Nicolas Street that Bambi has taken so many times with her childhood friends!
Bambi got so excited whilst taking these pictures of her sister with the wall that she tripped on a smaller street pole and fell backward, getting back on her feet before hitting a taller street light pole!
On this T-shirt, we can read: “The population wants the minimum”

Lebanese wine tasting at a restaurant. We can read: “Long live free Lebanese wine”. Talking about restaurants, one of them was advertising the following: For each meal you order, we commit to provide a free meal to a person in need. Indeed, MANY citizens are getting organized and volunteering to help others around them. Good for them!
Bambi’s parents spoiled her with the “Coq Lalala” (lalala is not for “Bébé Lalala”, as we say in Québec. It is a family name!). This grilled chicken (after having been soaked in lemon) is simply to die for! One must not forget to add garlic to it (right picture). By the way, Bambi used to order Coq Lalala in Montreal. It comes in a white box similar to this one (no pizza in it but rather a whole chicken). Mmm!
A wild cat at the door of Bambi’s neighbours. Cats are tough in Beirut. Not afraid, at all even when dogs bark at them. They like to spend time on trees under the beautiful sunshine. This cute cat jumps sometimes on the balcony and sits on a chair admiring a plant that Bambi’s parents’ decorated with the Lebanese and Canadian flags 🙂
You cannot visit Beirut without eating Freiha’s falafel. It is a must!
Bambi works everyday/eve in front of the TV. This evening, the news are more worrisome than ever. Without truly understanding all the issues and knowing the names of the politicians in question, history has taught us that no one wins when one group imposes its will on other groups, regardless of the most powerful group. People are holding their breath. Best wishes to Lebanon. May peace and common sense prevail to get the country out of debt and avoid bloodshed.

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