It is Fathers’ Day!

Sunny or rainy, may your day be lovely!

To Antoine, Bambi’s “baba” or papy, with much love: of course, you are being honoured every day, not just on this Sunday. However, today is all yours. Enjoy it ❤️!

To Robert, Bambi’s father-in-law, with tenderness: today is also your special day, have fun ❤️!

To Bambi’s readers with positive vibes: have a lovely day too. Some of you may be fathers, grandfathers, expectant fathers, and/or aspiring fathers. Some do not wish to have children while for others life did not make paternity possible. Perhaps your own father and/or father of your children are in this place called heaven. May their memory and love legacy be eternal.

To conclude this post on a musical note, Bambi would like to thank her friend Spencer for introducing her to the second lovely (English) song. Happy Father’s Day to his inspiring dad!

4 thoughts on “It is Fathers’ Day!”

    1. Many thanks; How sweet of you, dearest Diana ???. Same to your amazing dad! Please send him warm regards from Bambi et al. ❤️?

    1. Many thanks for this discovery, Spencer! Bambi’s dad will appreciate the song too. She wishes you and your beautiful family a great day. As for her, she is grateful to have you in her life and thanks you for the inspiration ❤️.

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