Blaise Pascal in thirteen quotes

A picture of Mr. Blaise Pascal ( June 19, 1623 – August 19, 1662) and his “Pascaline” taken from “Interesting Engineering”.

Only a mathematician of Mr. Blaise Pascal’s calibre can both come to the world and die on the 19th day of a month at the age of 39.

Of note, Pascal was more than a French mathematician. He was also a physicist, an inventor, a philosopher, and a writer. He is well known for the invention of the precursor of the calculator, called Pascal’s calculator or a “Pascaline” (shown above).

Since we are June 19, like the day of his birth in 1623, this post will share a few of his quotes and end with a song, by Mr. Nicola Ciconne [subtitled in French, if you wish to try to sing it :)]. This musical choice is Bambi’s attempt to honour Pascal’s first deep saying, which goes like this: “Do not try to add more years to your life. Better add more life to your years“. Indeed, Ciccone’s song is called “Je ne veux pas mourir avant d’être mort” [I do not want to die before dying]. It is about leading a meaningful life, or being full of life. According to the singer-songwriter, it is about living with a sense of urgency, so to speak. This implies making choices and taking decisions, which allow us to fully embrace life and enjoy it (

May Pascal’s sayings or calculator, along with Ciconne’s words and music, inspire you to have a meaningful and fun new week ahead!

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