Thirty-three years in Canada!

Time flies… Already 33 years in Canada!

On this day, year after year, it is impossible for Bambi not to have gratitude in her heart for her parents who brought their children to safety in 1990 ❤️.

Today, Bambi has spent almost twice as much time in Canada as in her birth country. She is lucky to have lived in three beautiful provinces.

Number thirty-three sounds nice to the ears, her now-ready-for-the weekend-mind is thinking, because it is Jesus’ age (when he died), as they commonly say in her birth country :). OK, she is saying so while hoping she will outlive this number to celebrate June 17 again and again!

7 thoughts on “Thirty-three years in Canada!”

  1. Some might be aware of the blogger in your town who encourages others to blog as you are doing… essential work in my opinion..

    I put this video by O’Connell onto my Odysee channel… and I am using Bitchute too… Facebook removed my account when I started to promote Donald Trump in this town years ago … had over 500 followers at my Indie Media Eastcoast page and then as you might recall was banned from the university campus and hassled about free speech and safe spaces etc. Youtube deleted me five times so I have to conclude there is something I’m not supposed to talk about in Sweet Little Sackville now Town of Tantramar? I have enjoyed almost 50 years in this nation arriving as a youngster from the United Kingdom aka Great Britain and I don’t feel celebratory or excited about what I see taking place in this land.
    I like your optimism though…
    Brendon O’Connell is an Australian living in Mexico warning others about geopolitics and more:

    Are you familiar with his work? Will you share this video at your site?

    1. Thank you Sally for always taking the time to read Bambi’s blog, write comments, now share the link to your own blog, and post the video link. Bambi will share it with her readers before watching it. She looks forward to discover O’Connell.

  2. It is good to know that you still have this lebanese hint in your personality after 33 years in Canada. Which is a lovely combination Libanada???

    1. Thank you, Aline! Funny because Bambi’s spouse made the same comment :). Her reply to both of you is: of course, the first years of life are the most important. Plus, it is an honour to remain faithful to my Lebanese roots :).

      1. Aline, Bambi replied to you during her sleep :). She missed your invented word “Libanada”, but a reader wrote to her now from out of the province of Québec, appreciating your term :). Bambi likes it too :). Thank you for your creativity!

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