Dr. Mathieu Bock-Côté: Racial discrimination is permitted, and even encouraged, if it targets white men! [“La discrimination raciale est permise, et même encouragée, si elle vise les hommes blancs!”]

Below is a thoughtful article by Dr. Mathieu Bock-Côté published today in the Journal de Montréal (https://t.ly/X2_r) that Bambi quickly translated for you with the always appreciated assistance of Mr. Google Translate.

The article informs us about a story of discrimination against a candidate for a tenure-track academic position at the McGill University School of Music (Montreal, PQ). Of course, the story could have happened in any of our Canadian institutions of higher education. Indeed, the late Dr. Frédéric Bastien submitted a complaint against Université Laval (Québec City, PQ) concerning a similar issue with regard to a Research Chair in History.

Before leaving you with the translated article below, along with one comment by Bambi, let’s bear in mind that McGill University is the same place that used to discriminate against Jews in the 1950s with its quota system. The irony of our collectively insane times is that Jews are now considered “white” folks.

However, to cite Dr. Bock-Côté’s own words: “Racism is always odious. It is to be condemned when it targets Blacks, Asians, Latinos, Arabs, Aboriginals. It should also be so when it targets Whites”.

"The Journal de Montréal" informed us yesterday that Jonathan Dagenais, who had submitted his application as a professor at the School of Music at McGill University, was rejected because of his sex and his skin colour.

In a word, he did not get the position for which he had applied and especially, for which the university selection committee had formally recommended him, because he is a white man.


The dean of the school decided to ignore the recommendations of the committee to hire the second candidate in the running instead, however he lacked two advantages: she is a woman from “diversity” background – in this particular case, c She is an Aboriginal from Manitoba.

In other words, even if he came first in the competition, Jonathan Dagenais did not get the job, and even if his rival came second, she got it. 

For this injustice, Jonathan Dagenais is suing McGill for $300,000. 

This revolting story is, however, terribly commonplace. 

Because we are here at the heart of the scandal of positive pseudo-discrimination.

Positive discrimination is based on a simple principle: to fill a position, we will no longer rely on the competence of the candidates, but on their racial or sexual characteristics. 
If you are a white man, you will be at a serious disadvantage. It is even possible that you have no chance of being hired. Because you would already be too present in society. It's time for him to fade away.
If you come from “diversity”, you leave with an undeniable advantage. Because apparently you would be systemically disadvantaged. 

To fix past discrimination of which you may have been the victim, we will put in place reverse discrimination, which will systematically benefit you.
In this logic, the individual disappears. And minority people are turned into quota flesh. 

It is a sexist and racist logic. But since it targets the white man, it does not shock anyone. It is even encouraged. Worse still: anti-white racism presents itself to us as a new anti-racism. This intellectual fraud must be denounced. 

I would add that the funding of several institutions today depends on their adherence to positive discrimination. 

The only new element in the story of Jonathan Dagenais is that the discriminated white man did not take his hole and did not let it go.

This is reminiscent of Frédéric Bastien, who had rightly and courageously denounced Laval University for opening a position to which white men, formally, could not apply.

To condemn all racism  

But these brave people are too rare. 

Racism is always odious. It is to be condemned when it targets Blacks, Asians, Latinos, Arabs, Aboriginals. It should also be so when it targets Whites. 

Whatever the fanatical weirdos we occasionally meet say, who decree that anti-white racism does not exist and who suggest that it is a far right idea to prevent us from denouncing it [isn't this what has also been said about Bambi's blog on social media while the mainstream media called her Conservative? Although the latter is not an insult in life, especially in our collectively insane times, she is far from being a conservative]. 

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